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  1. Love it. I remember a text of somebody who died and said not to donate his money to the Obama campaign. Shame I can’t find it. Maybe it was on the TT, but I can’t remember.

  2. I do not expect a president’s wife to live without some luxury, but I have never seen a woman so utterly ignorant and oblivious to the times and the people. She simply has no clue – or maybe she does, and that’s part of the fun for her?

  3. Fact: With a salary of $400,000 a year, the president cannot afford a $1,400,000 vacation.

    It is very safe to say that this vacation, if it cost that much, was not funded by taxpayer money.

    And so the only way to interpret this ad in a way that makes sense is as a complaint about the growing social and financial inequality in America.

    1. Your attempt at describing class warfare sentiment to the ad is ridiculous, the man couldn’t care less what anyone makes.

      Their jaunt to Hawaii cost that much, that’s a fact, but you say that the tax payers didn’t pay for their trip, and that he only earns 400 grand a year, renders your comment incoherent. This ad is not a complaint about, as you put it, “growing social and financial inequality in America.” It’s about a president and his wife taking expensive vacations on the people’s dime while the unemployment rate actually hovers around 15%.

      Here’s some wake up for you. Social and financial inequality is a fact of life, it’s only the utopians who believe that it could ever be otherwise by using force to implement radical egalitarianism which in the end creates despotism and very real/harsh inequality. Marxism fails everywhere tried, dump it pal, like a hot potato.

  4. Face it folks, Michelle Obama doesn’t give a hoot about the citizens who fund her escapades or those that are struggling to make ends meet. Her frequent traveling serves no significant purpose for U.S. international relations and just further demonstates her disdain for all of us. She does it because she can get away with it!

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