Vlad asks whether they’ll be registering all mops from now on to register a point. It wouldn’t surprise me however, to find out that the government would indeed do just that.

CCTV shows shopkeeper fending off attacker with a mop

Dinesh Gorania, a shopkeeper from Rushden in Northamptonshire has been captured on CCTV fending off a machete-wielding attacker with a mop.

Shopkeeper Dinesh Gorania beat off the masked man as he tried to force his way into the family-run convenience store.

Mr Dinesh was mopping up just inside the doorway of the Premier Store in Rushden, Northamptonshire, when three masked men pulled up in a car.

One of the robbers, armed with a two-foot machete, burst into the store only to be struck by Mr Dinesh’s mop which forced him backwards.

The man tried twice more to get back into the shop but was repeatedly hit with the mop.
Two other masked robbers joined in the fracas, with one throwing a metal bar at Mr Dinesh which he blocked with his forearm.

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