Lars Vilks



The “Mo-Egg”

Lars Vilks: “Miraculously surviving, one of the eggs thrown on its journey from the audience to the podium. It is labeled with my drawing of a typical Islamists face.”

H/T: Jacob_M

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  1. Brilliant satire…

    It is Orwellian that the Islamo-fascists who oppose free speech can “win” in this case with threats and intimidation. Sure, there are limit’s to free speech eg inciting violence, crying “fire” in a theatre etc but drawing a picture of a man is not incitement.

    It’s often pointed out that Muslims demand that we accept their cultural norms when in “their” countries but then demand we also accept those norms when they are in OUR countries. There is not even any reciprocation; with a convert to Christianity facing death in Iran now, Kuwait about to ban the construction of new Churches, S’audi Arabia banning the Bible etc. Muslim religious leaders weekly insult Jews, Christians, Hindu’s etc in sermans freely available to view (at Memri etc).

    That the so-called Western left supports this (banning of Mohammed images) really emphasises the, almost clinical sickness, many of them possess. They are truly self-haters who will stop at nothing until their own cultures are distroyed.

    Another thing that really bothers me is the MSM’s adoption of the term “The Prophet” when referring to Mohammed. He’s not my prophet, by Muslim’s own accounts he’s a pedophile, murdering, bandit anti-semite warlord. Why would I respect this man or his message? It’s striking that at the same time the MSM ceases to refer to Jesus as “Jesus Christ” out of political correctness (because he’s not everyone’s Messiah) they should do the reverse in relation to Mohammed for the same reasons. The MSM also continiously accept Muslim’s Taqiyya when they say “Islam” means “peace” when Salaam mean’s peace in Arabic and Islam means “Submission” (Muslim’s often accuse Westerners of not understanding Arabic nuances but since the root is the same in Hebrew I know that though they are the same root of SLM they are different words with different meanings).

    Our leaders policies of a combination of mass Muslim immigration, political correctness whereby the very culture that resulted in their emigration because of repression is allowed to continue in the West and multi-culturalism whereby they are not assimilated will result in an inevitable civil war. A irony of the current political climate is that if someone points this out they are accused of being either racist or worse still could be charged for inciting such a civil war with anti-Terror laws so stupid that the US State department refuses to use the word “Islam” or “Muslim” in relation to any terrorist act but instead uses those laws to limit free-speech.

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