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So that’s what they call theft nowadays, a ‘solidarity tax‘. It’s all that these statists know how to do…




How is it ‘fair’ to penalize people for being successful? Taking wealth from someone and distributing it to another who did nothing to earn it is immoral, theft, and destructive to the civil society. Here in la la land Finland, it’s never a question of taxing someone, just a matter of how much and when, and believe me, the envy this class warfare crap creates ripples throughout Finnish society.

As Mark Levin says: “Taking more money and giving it to strangers.

The people she’s plans attacking are the ones who own small businesses, (you know, the economic backbone of society) they’ll have to shell out yet more cash to the welfare state to pay for someone else’s upkeep, and end up laying people off to offset the costs. Great going stupid politicians. Socialists shrinking the economy pie as they cut more slices from it. Brilliant.

NOTE: She admits that it will hardly fill in the holes of the budget, but nonetheless, taxing the more wealthy is being fair and wise. It’s neither.

SDP wants ‘solidarity tax’ on high earners

SDP chair and finance minister Jutta Urpilainen has proposed an additional tax to be levied on those earning more than 100,000 euros. Urpilainen says that a solidarity tax to be levied on high-income individuals is an SDP goal in upcoming negotiations over the framework government budget.

Urpilainen told a party event in Vantaa that she does not believe that a solidarity tax would plug all the holes in the state budget, but that it would be an important demonstration of fairness.

The issue has been discussed with other parties for some time, according to Urpilainen. She also pointed out that similar taxes have been implemented in other countries.

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