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The absurd reaches new heights.

The more these architects of political correctness are allowed to promote their nonsense, the more we shall see average folks ensnared in the traps of their design and choosing.

Fench Parfumier on Trial in Paris for ‘Racism’

Posted by Diana West Feb 10th 2012

For years now, we’ve watched an increasingly totalitarian Europe arise in the courtrooms of infamous speech trials in Holland, Belgium, Austria, Denmark, France, England, and elsewhere as dictatorial government authorities use the courts to maintain their political power against political rivals and freethinkers who dare call out the dishonesty and deceptions of the State. With the speech trial today of a fabled and elderly parfumier in Paris (described below), however, we see a strain of totalitarianism that is qualitatively different but equally sinister.

When parfumier Jean-Paul Guerlain (picture above) told an TV interviewer in 2010 that in order to create the popular perfume Samsara (“blends notes of ylang-ylang, jasmine, sandalwood, and tonka bean”) “for once, [he] started working like a negro,” he threatened no government power structure, he called out no deception. He made a banal comment, simply not worth parsing, although it’s hard to resist noting that he chose the simile to convey something he is obviously proud of –  a sustained and apparently arduous effort to create something beautiful.

But that is utterly and completely beside the point: The French state here is more and more inserting itself into the regulation of its citizens’ minds, not in an overt attempt to maintain political power (Geert Wilders, Filip Dewinter), not to destroy facts and principles that threaten its fabrications (Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff, Lars Hedegaard, Tommy Robinson), but rather, in the evil tradition of Communism’s relentless social engineers, to rewire all thought processes down to the most trivial. It is the totalitarian effort to create the New Man.

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  1. Blowing people up – good
    Using a figure of speech – bad

    thank zou Big Brother for this lesson of ethics, morality and justice!

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