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Over at Vlad, Eeyore offers this piece of interesting news that provides the story with a bit more context.

It should be noted, that the “Asian” kebab shops in this article and the ones you are likely to read over the next several days have all been associated with Muslim rape gangs and pedophile grooming gangs of British girls.


There is absolutely no excuse for taking the law (or what they perceive as ‘the law) into your own hands. There are still means for legal and political redress, no matter how backwards and self defeating it may be at times. I would prefer for those responsible for the violence, to stand in front of a public building and petition law makers and bureaucrats to hear their pleas, than to resort to violence.

That said, the authorities are pushing people to resort to less than honorable means, by their stiff necked, head in the sand approach to the problems that these people are facing. This is not an apologetic attempt to dismiss their misdeeds, but to alert the reader to the mess that they, the ruling self anointed elite, have themselves created.


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  1. People have to defend themselves against the Jihad. They cant leave it to the Politically Correct police, judiciary and the MSM, for the simple reason that all of them have deliberately hidden Mohammedan rapes and gang beatings from the public.

    The EDL is right – unless we defend ourselves no one will.

    1. No one has the right to inflict damage upon the private property of others, or even upon public property, no matter whatever reason they may have. Violating the rights of others to highlight the violations of your own rights, is immoral.

  2. There peaceful ways to demonstrate and since the police, judiciary, and government are not dealing with it, it give rise to the populace, who are fed up.I understand EDL strives and will continue to strive to be peaceful.

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