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There was a highly provocative photo being spread around the internet a few months ago, of a man standing with his foot on the chest of a little girl (supposedly a Palestinian)  dressed in (non-IDF) military greens holding a Kalashnikov. As the Tundra Tabloids’ astute readers observed the time, the video which contained the provocative photo indeed misrepresented it . The man is an Arab with a hand drawn Israeli flag pinned to his chest.

From the L.A.Slimes: Viral photo of abusive Israeli soldier called a fake

It’s exactly this kind of scumbaggery that you have to be careful about, the Arabs and their supporters will use every trick in the book to spin a story to make Israel look bad. The pics were found at this blog.

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  1. Visual propaganda is another tool used to sway public opinion against Israel. A picture is worth a thousand words even when it is a outright lie. Uninformed folks tend to believe such photo shopped and fabricated garbage.

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