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Why are Pakistanis throwing away 100s of Korans into sewage filled canal?

TT: The answer: There’s perhaps a lot of Pakistanis who have had it with Islam, and this is their only way to show their disgust with it. Or, they damage the korans themselves and don’t want to be held accountable for it, and so they toss it.

The canal is therefore filled with korans and human excrement, a great mixture, they should build living quarters (huts) for their imams from it.

From the HalalPorkShop via ZIP, Free Republic

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  1. I’m getting rather tired of the deafening silence Muslims have toward Muslims who violate Sharia in a massive way then riot in the streets when they hear a mere rumor of non-Muslims violating Sharia. In Afghanistan, they’re all in a huff about the improper disposal of Korans. No apology seems adequate.

    In Syria, they’re gunning down people in the street who merely want to address grievances with the current government. Yet when Jews defend themselves against rocket attacks on civilians, Muslims get all in a huff about it.

    There’s one rule for Muslim atrocity and murder; another for non-Muslims. I find no reason to accept that. … and I’m really sick and tired of Muslims replying: “Yah but….”

    1. That is the heart of sharia law, imposition of its mores upon the non-Islamic community.

  2. Dumping blasphemous korans in an open sewer may not be the best means of disposing of them. High temperature incinerators might be safer.

  3. i thought that was how the koran was originaly discovered!!

  4. …but what is more filthy? the human excrement or the Quran? I simply cannot make a clear distinction between them…

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