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As only the Great One can.

It’s a tag-team of the anti-conservatives. Here’s the link to the full video (that won’t embed correctly) available here.

UPDATE: Here is a portion of it here:

defeatthemarxists: “Mark says it is now clear that Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are teaming up to attack the most conservative candidate, Rick Santorum. Mark goes through the history of libertarianism and how it is at odds with traditional conservatism and this is why Ron Paul is not a conservative. Both the establishment Republicans and the libertarian anarchists both have a common foe; the traditional conservative and the Reaganites. There is a movement against us, the conservative and it is becoming evident with every passing debate and the media coverage about it.”





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  1. I used to respect Mr. Mark Levin. I would anxiously await each of his radio shows to enjoy his profound insight into the constitution. Now, after his paranoid rant about a Paul-Romney nexus, I have had to reconsider Levin’s perspective: I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s loosing his marbles. Mr. Levin’s radio program was good, and even great, while his mind lasted.

    1. You made a claim David, now back it up. RP followers are big on slamming, but without giving any substance at all. Refute Mark’s persepective, and, not just here….call him up and tell it to his ear. Also, what do you mean that you used to follow Mark’s show and listen to his profound insight….until yesterday’s broadcast. His observation of the Rube Paul-Romney nexus is profound, dead on, and in my opinion, the best analysis of what’s taking place.

      Show exactly how he’s “got it all wrong”. My guess is that you can’t, and that you’ve never been a supporter of the conservatism Mark Levin represents. You’re a Ron Paul guy, and no matter what the neo-confederate / libertarian anarchist says, and who he teams up with to take real conservatives down, (at a crucial time when conservatives are desperately needed) you’ll still be a Rube Paul guy.

  2. If Paul and Romney have teamed up against Santorum, don’t forget Mr. Innocent who stood on the other end of the debate group, like a cherub. Newt would benefit mightily from a Santorum demise and the consummate politician that he is, would exploit it. The southern bloc is coming up. Never count Newt out until he takes himself out.

    (From a ABO voter, expanded to include all scenarios.)

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