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H/T: Baron Bodissey: “Taking Islam to the E.T. community!”

New Mosque Opens in Roswell

The Roswell Community Masjid cut the ribbon on its new building last weekend.

With the support of local leaders in attendance, Roswell Community Masjid (RCM) cut the ribbon on its new mosque last weekend.

Representatives from other Roswell spiritual organizations, businesses and political entities showed up Sunday, Feb. 19 to the new mosque location at 345 Market Place in Roswell, not far from where it previously rented space in the shopping center at Grimes Bridge Road and Holcomb Bridge Road, next to Provinos.

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  1. This is not Roswell, New Mexico, with the UFO sightings. This is Roswell in Georgia. Different town and state.

    1. Thanks Jack, I figured as well, but there was little to go on in the story (as I recall). It’s a fun play on the name, that’s what matters most. Thanks nonetheless for the heads up!

  2. Roswell is a nice area an exit or two from Alpharetta, another nice area. If there are problems, there will be parking and permit issues cropping up. Real estate is expensive in those areas. Don’t expect people in that neighborhood to run out after Friday prayers and start rioting. Probably the muslims in Roswell want to avoid the riff-raff in metro-Atlanta.

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