al-Qaida Syria



Or as I like to call it, ” the flag of the cult of the mystic moose”

Same flag seeing flying in Brussels, LibyaTunisia and Egypt. Obama has already supported the rebel coalition that included al-Qaida terrorists in Libya, and is now paying lip service to the same kind of crowd in Syria.

A piece of footage in an Al-Jazeera English segment showing Free Syrian Army fighters showed a black-and-white flag similar (but not the same) as that used by the Islamic State of Iraq and Somalia’s Al-Shabab. The footage also shows a banner reading, “Al-Bara’ bin Malik Brigade,” named after a prominent Companion of the Prophet Muhammad who is renowned for his bravery and military prowess. This historical personage is popular. Al-Qa’ida in the Land of the Two Rivers (Iraq) named its martyrdom brigade after him.

Via: Jawa Report and Weasel Zippers

NOTE: Here’s a pic of Syrians at some earlier demo giving the Nazi salute. Whether or not Assad stays in power, the fascism remains:

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