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Problem is solved by placing pregnant service women into non-rigorous work environment, like bureaucracy paper pushers, and maternity leave etc.. Forcing men to don fake dairies and ‘pregnancy vests’ is sheer stupidity stemming from social engineering psycho-babble infiltration of the military. They took away ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’, now this. The level of nonsense inflicted upon our modern society is unbelievable.

H/T:  Takuan Seiyo

Soldiers don fake belly, breasts to better understand pregnant troops’ exercise concerns

CAMP ZAMA, Japan – The Army is ordering its hardened combat veterans to wear fake breasts and empathy bellies so they can better understand how pregnant soldiers feel during physical training.

This week, 14 noncommissioned officers at Camp Zama took turns wearing the “pregnancy simulators” as they stretched, twisted and exercised during a three-day class that teaches them to serve as fitness instructors for pregnant soldiers and new mothers.

Army enlisted leaders all over the world are being ordered to take the Pregnancy Postpartum Physical Training Exercise Leaders Course, or PPPT, according to U.S. Army Medical Activity Japan health promotion educator Jana York.

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  1. What will the training be when they want soldiers to feel like gays in the Army? F#ck each other? And to feel as a muslim? Abuse women, children and nonmuslims, f#ck animals or explode bombs?

  2. Political Correctness driven by the lunatic, leftist, liberals is bringing about the sissafication of our society. My self I’m quite sick of all of this touchy feely BS.These mindless Marxists won’t be happy until our entire society is feminized. It will be much easier for the world Communist movement to take over a ‘castrated’ society , where just acting like a man is frowned upon.

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