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The ruse of global warming (stopped over 15 years ago) is nothing more than a massive big statist rip-off of societal wealth, which will in the end, decrease your standard of living while enriching those companies (and politicians with stocks in them) whom the government deems the winners in the ever shrinking economy.

Green taxes add 15% to your energy bills: Government finally admits how much more families pay to meet emissions targets

  • £200 could be added to the average energy bill by 2020
  • Government claim bills won’t go up if people cut consumption
  • Gas could hit £997 and electricity £812 by 2020


Last updated at 10:48 PM on 17th February 2012

Electricity prices are 15 per cent more expensive than they should be because of green policies, Whitehall officials have admitted.

Energy costs for hard-pressed consumers have been pushed up by extra charges imposed to help the Government meet pledges to cut carbon emissions.

Projections in Whitehall show that by 2020, the burden for electricity will be an astonishing 27 per cent more than it would otherwise have been. The figure for gas will be 7 per cent higher.

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2 Responses

  1. This shindig of artificially raising the price of energy was based on the now discredited AGW to pay for the UN’s sustainability programme. But governments, in the manner of outlaws, changed the scoundrels name to Climate Change. So whichever way the Climate behaves, we pay. If such a scheme had been operated by a casino, it would be closed down, and the operators facing prison time.

    Quote: The green taxes will boost energy made from renewable sources by building vast wind farms, nuclear power stations, more solar panels and a new pylon network.

    It may just have been acceptable if the tax revenue had been put to good use. But to put the revenue in the money making scam of wind turbines, which apart from the fact that they are less then 5% efficient, do not provide energy when required, destabilise the grid, and are an eyesore. When the penny drops and subsidies run out, as surely they must, we will be left with tens of thousands of derelict monstrosities.

  2. A £200 increase?! I live on a fixed income and am struggling to keep up with my energy bills as it is! Looks like it might soon be time to open up my fire place and invest in a chainsaw just to keep warm *shakes head*

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