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Do take note that this is being said in the den of Israel’s arch enemy, Iran. If there was any doubt in your mind about the ability of Hamas to ‘moderate itself’, this should tip you over the edge.

Gaza premier: Hamas ‘will never recognise Israel’

Hamas “will never recognise Israel,” Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniya said Saturday in a speech in Iran that is likely to complicate Palestinian efforts to form a unity government in the teeth of opposition from the Jewish state.

“They want us to recognise the Israeli occupation and cease resistance but, as the representative of the Palestinan people and in the name of all the world’s freedom seekers, I am announcing from Azadi Square in Tehran that we will never recognise Israel,” Haniya said.

“The resistance will continue until all Palestinian land, including Al-Quds (Jerusalem), has been liberated and all the refugees have returned,” he said.

Haniya’s reiteration of Hamas’s long-held stance was made on the occasion of Iran’s commemoration of its 1979 Islamic revolution.

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  1. ‘in the name of all the world’s freedom seekers’

    How Orwellian.

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