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  1. A magnificent summary of how idiotic and drug-influenced this pathetic parody of the even more pathetic hippie movement from the sixties-seventies is. What one fears most is that this youngsters will end up being the leftist-multiculturalist elite of the future just as those of the 1968 revolution are now. One can guess that the book “the authoritarian personality” and crap of the like is being reprinted to calm this kids’ thirst for knowledge. The nightmare never ends.

    The background for the neocounter is simply superb. Thumbs up!

    1. Thanks John, that’s a photoshop I did some years ago,…it still captivates!

  2. Send em a bar of soap with instructions for use thereof.

  3. wow, you would really do that to an image of a person. That says a lot. do you think small minds can have big thoughts? May the grace of god become you.

    1. Hey Lola, I really couldn’t care less what you think is proper, these same people like the Lefty in the picture are ruining my country and the West in general, they do not deserve any respect whatsoever. Save your indignation for them.

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