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And rightfully so.

You see folks, the irrational critics of Israel always couch their over-the-top (and times anti-Semitic) views of Israel, as “mere criticism” of Israel, when in fact it goes much more further than any normal criticism., the vitriol usually conjures up all of the usual ancient anti-Jewish tropes.

German mayor criticized for anti-Semitism


‘It must be possible to criticize the policies of Israel,’ Aachen municipal head says

HAIFA-BORN businessman’s agenda will offer ‘renewaBy Courtesy

BERLIN – Dr. Dieter Graumann, the president of Germany’s Central Council of Jews, on Monday slammed Aachen Mayor Hilde Scheidt for her defense of an anti-Semitic, anti-Israel cartoon and her efforts to denigrate two prominent German-Jewish writers because they criticized modern anti-Semitism and radical Islam.

In an exclusive statement to The Jerusalem Post, Graumann wrote in connection with the Green Party’s Scheidt, “Accusing someone of right-wing radical incitement because he criticizes a disgusting, anti-Semitic caricature and denounces the fact that it is tolerated under the pretense of criticism of Israel makes the accuser culpable of failing to act against anti-Semitism, of inverting the facts, of unreliability in the struggle against hatred and violence.”

The cartoon depicts a man sporting a Star of David on his bib as he devours a young Palestinian boy with a fork draped in an American flag and a knife with the word “Gaza” written on it. A blood-filled glass sits next to the plate.

Scheidt defended the cartoon late last year. “It must also be possible to criticize the policies of Israel — and a government that damages the Israeli people,” she said.

Scheidt resigned from the German- Israeli friendship society (DIG) last year, to protest against a DIG event scheduled for late December to honor Jewish journalist Henryk M. Broder and against Holocaust survivor and author Ralph Giordano’s scheduled speech at the event.

She told the Aachner Zeitung newspaper that Broder invoked “malicious agitation” against critics of Israel, including Walter Herrmann, the initiator of the Cologne “Wailing Wall.” The Cologne exhibit in the heart of the city’s bustling pedestrian zone showed the anti-Semitic cartoon.

Scheidt mounted a campaign in the local press to prevent Broder and Giordano from speaking in Aachen, including leveling, according to critics, a classic expression of German anti-Semitism against Broder, saying he sows discontent in the Federal Republic.

German observers of the local press told the Post that the Aachen news outlets served to advance an anti-Jewish campaign against Broder and Giordano, as well as one-sided attacks on Israel.

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