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  1. And I suppose from Serbia he was going to outer space, which he prepared for by playing starfox. What a spaz.

    But on a more serious note, this is NOT the first time the balkans have been mentioned in conjunction with this horrible atrocity. What did he expect to happen once he got to the balkans and who did he expect to meet?

    I read in a loopy sounding article that he knew some mercenary there who in turn was connected to an arab prince. It sounded like alex jones level nuttery to me but maybe I should track that article down and read it again.

    Sleazy operators do look for nut jobs that can be easily manipulated. It’s a well known tactic of PR companies to insinuate an agent provokateur into an enemies, of their client’s activist group, find someone in the group who is a bit off and seduce them into doing something extreme that will damage the cause.

    The excellent book Toxic Sludge Is Good For You, about the sleazy behavior of PR companies, talks about this tactic at length. (Videos, both excerpts and a full length vido about the book can be found on youtube.)

    Sounds paranoid? Of course it does. But this is exactly what happened just before the original anti GZM protest. A guy asked a muslim cab driver if he was muslim then stabbed him. This crime was used for propoganda purposes by the pro GZM people untill the new york press eventually found out that the perpetraitor was an alcoholic art student who had been working FOR the mosque. They then stopped using his crime for propoganda purposes overnight, rather than contesting the truth of the news article.

  2. Breivik planne to fly to Serbia? Why then did he stay in Utoeya till the retarder norwegian cops arrived there? Why did he not scape inmediately to get into the cessna and leave a cloud of dust behind him? How many more colourful idiocies will the orwellian norwegian “free press” find out?

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