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Saudi Arabia, a place where one can still visit the seventh century and not be in a museum.

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Sheikh Nasser Al Omar gets ‘misty eyed’ as he “pleads to the king that Saudi writer Hamza Kashgari gets executed for supposedly writings “shameful” comments about prophet Mohammed on Twitter.”

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  1. …and our western leaders threaten and ban us if we try to show this the true face of islam, the “religion of peace”. And they support muslims and accept their money (saudis) in exchange of allowing them to overflow Europe with mosques and terrorists. And they agree in allowing sharia to be implemented. And they keep financing the terrorist attacks against Israel via aid to palestine plus they call us racists if we raise the voice about the most dangerous and destructive ideology history has ever seen.

    No no no no no I still do not understand this entirely.

  2. I beg everybody’s pardon, I’ve made a huge mistake. Palestine does not exist nor has never existed, I wrote ill because I was too excited. They give aid to no palestine but to the biggest congregation of mass-murderers and terrorists on earth.

  3. Jeez, take a qualude preacherman! Islam is so sick, it makes the brain secrete fluids. I hope they do try to have him tried and beheaded. I want to watch the leftists act like it’s no big deal, mustn’t judge!

    1. I wouldn’t want a man beheaded just to watch leftists act like the fecal heads that they are.

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