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Extremist suggests value judgement? You see folks what Israel has had to endure from the hands of the morons at the Beeb? Utter nonsense. Not calling them extremists, or even excrement, is a value judgement in itself. States (including Finland) need to divest themselves from news organizations that operate on public funding.  Period.


Whose side are they on? BBC tells journalists to stop calling Abu Qatada ‘an extremist’ – and they can’t show pictures of him looking fat either (but we can, so here he is!)

  • The term ‘extremist’ suggest a value judgement, say Beeb bosses
  • Cleric should instead be described as ‘radical’

By Charles Walford

Last updated at 2:32 PM on 8th February 2012

BBC journalists have been told not to call hate preacher Abu Qatada an ‘extremist’.

Using such a term to describe the man once called ‘Osama bin Laden’s right-hand man in Europe’, is making a ‘value judgment’ and should be avoided, bosses have said.

The corporation’s managers have insisted he should be described as ‘radical’, according to meeting notes seen by the Telegraph.

Journalists were also advised not to use images that suggest the preacher is overweight, the paper says.

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  1. OT, but UK related . . .a second suspect has been arrested in the case of violent Asian gang assault against Daniel Stringer Prince. I won’t post the story, but here’s the link as it provides no additional detail other than a 17 year old teen aged male was arrested. M.E.N.’s ‘journalism’ continues to disgust with the way Danny Prince’s identity and location as well as family relations are identified, yet the identities of 7 or 8 Asian thugs and the 3 girls that were involved in attempted murder remain veiled behind a curtain of protection. From the same source, Cyclist’s horror as road-rage “ASIAN” thug mows him down at lights in Fallowfield

    LUCKY ESCAPE: Alexander Foreman with his damaged bike

    A road rage-driver deliberately ploughed into a cyclist, throwing him over his bonnet and leaving him lying on the road.

    Alexander Foreman was cycling on Egerton Road in Fallowfield, Manchester, when he was clipped by a car’s wing mirror.

    The driver then became enraged and deliberately ploughed into Alexander when he was waiting at traffic lights at the junction with Wilmslow Road.

    Police are now trying to trace the driver of the car, a gold Toyota Yaris.

    Alexander, who is studying anatomy at Manchester University, was left with minor injuries but was shaken by the incident.

    He said: “I was cycling along when a car clipped me with his wing mirror. I heard him swear loudly, even with his windows wound up, and he became really angry.

    “I just wanted to get away so I cycled on. At the traffic lights, he mounted the kerb and the next thing I knew I was on his bonnet. It was all over really quickly.”

    Alexander, 21 and who lives in Fallowfield, was on his way to Sale Water Park when the incident happened.

    He was left with minor injuries, bruises and small cuts.

    He said: “People don’t realise how vulnerable cyclists are when they are on the road. If you are in a car, you weigh about a tonne. If you’re on a bike, you weigh about 100kg.

    “Motorists need to be aware of the damage that can be done.”

    The driver is described as being an Asian man with stubble.

    Detective Constable Richard Lees said: “This man did not even bother to check on the person he had driven into. His impatience meant he had little regard for other road users and we therefore need to catch him as soon as possible.

    “We are appealing to any of the motorists who witnessed the incident, particularly those who may have made a note of the registration number to come forward.”

    Anyone with any information is asked to call police on 0161 856 6090 or call the independent charity Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

  2. Not only is this inbred mutant fat he is also ugly.

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