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If it becomes law, then the police are duty bound to enforce it.

 Dutch burqa ban legislation row heating up

The far-right anti-Islam Freedom Party PVV, which props up the minority government in parliament, has demanded that the Dutch police corps enforce the burqa ban. The PVV is supported by Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten on the issue.

PVV MP Joram van Klaveren was speaking on Sunday in response to remarks made by the chief of Amsterdam’s police corps, Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, on national TV talk show g. Mr Aalbersberg said it should be left up to the police officer on duty to decide whether or not to write out a ticket for a Muslim wearing a burqa or niqab. The police chief added issuing a warning should also be an option.

The burqa ban in the Netherlands has stirred up a national debate. Earlier, other police chiefs from various Dutch corps announced they did not intend enforcing the new law when it is passed.

The lower and upper houses of parliament still have to vote on the legislation which will ban all clothing which covers a face in public.

Burqa part of election deal

The burqa ban was part of the PVV’s election programme and its implementation was part of a deal negotiated by the Freedom Party and the coalition partners, the conservative VVD and the Christian Democrats. Geert Wilders’ party gives parliamentary support to the minority government.

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2 Responses

  1. You can’t give people rights by taking their freedom of expression away. Political correctness is not what allows Islam to flourish in Scandinavia – it’s a spiritual vacuum, that is all. It’s not the guest worker’s fault that Christianity has been so dissipated in modern Western Europe culture. They were invited into these countries. Not just their bodies and their abilities, but all of them. Their religion is a part of that package.
    It doesn’t suit anyone to be part of the next holocaust. I can only hope that this lack of understanding stems from your lack of education and culture. One can only hope…

    1. Regardless of what led to their being invited into Europe, Islam represents a clear and present danger to western liberal democracy, which means that these destructive policies need to be reversed if Europe is to survive.

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