Believe me, the Russians couldn’t care less about the carnage, this is just a photo-op meant to show that they are doing something in the wake of their veto in the UNSC.

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 Syrian resumes assault on Homs as Russians visit

By REUTERS02/07/2012 09:43

Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, intelligence chief Fradkov arrive in Damascus for talks; over 95 killed in Homs.

Military vehicle seen in Syria, Homs

AMMAN – Syrian forces renewed their bombardment of Homs on Tuesday as Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov arrived in Damascus for talks aimed at pressing President Bashar Assad to end a bloody crackdown on a popular revolt and carry out reforms.

Activists said the fresh assault on Homs came after 95 people were killed on Monday in the city of one million people, a hub of protest and armed opposition against Assad. More than 200 were reported killed there on Friday night.

“The bombardment is again concentrating on Baba Amro (district of Homs). A doctor tried to get in there this morning but I heard he was wounded,” Mohammad al-Hassan, an activist in Homs, told Reuters by satellite phone. “There is no electricity and all communication with the neighborhood has been cut.”

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  1. Bear in mind that if Assad falls, it will be the Muslim Brotherhood that takes over. The Syrian MB is far more fanatical then its equivalent in Egypt or elsewhere.

    Syria is the one country in the ME where religious minorities, specially Christians, are allowed to exist and practice their faith openly without fear. If Assad falls what will happen will be far worse then anything in Egypt and the rest of the so-called Arab Spring regimes.

    Surely we must have learnt a lesson by now – that dictatorships of the sort of Mubarak are far more benign then anything that emerges of from the excercise of an election in a Muslim country, unless of course we desire church destruction, and the extinction of Christians in the ME.

  2. A whole lot of people are going to die in Syria. Which executioners to back? That is the true question for observers. Muslims cannot do freedom and democracy. None have the state of mind and the history of a thousand years of struggle required to reach that state of mind. They can only have dictators or clerics as it has been since Muhammed. The Islamic leadership ladder is totally centered and constructed for the strongest, harshest and most cynical alpha male to rule.

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