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VIA BREITBART: Two different visions for America. President Reagan launched his effort to return America to greatness with simple but profound words during his first inaugural speech, “In the present times Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.”

From there he put words into action passing historic tax cuts, cutting back on onerous government regulations and the results of the President’s free market policies: Growth, Prosperity, and Hope.

Happy Birthday President Reagan – we miss you! Find out more at

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  1. Reagan was the one to press the unions down, and during his era began the development that was finalized by the bushes. Dunno if the Clinton government participated, but anyway, from the age of Reagan the annual income of the super rich has increased by about 400%. Annual, that is. Every year.

    At the same time, the income of the middle class has dropped by 30%.

    Now, as the middle class is the main taxpayer, and the engine of economy, what do you think is the main cause of the American deppression?

    1. Hey Heikki, if you look close enough at the history of that period, Reagan battled the “public sector union”, of air traffic controllers, who didn’t have the legal right to strike, that was in their contract when they took their jobs. There’s a big difference between private and “public” unions, with the latter being a major problem due to corruption of elected leaders. Reagan went to battle with that union.

      Why would it matter to you if the income of the “super rich” as you call it, increased, even as much as you say? It’s none of your or my business how much a person makes, get it? That is totally irrelevant. You act as if the wealthy are like “Uncle Scrooge” (Roope Setä) sitting on pile of gold in a huge vault. Is that really your concept of how wealth is handled?

      Also, you forget to mention that during the Reagan years, he created the longest streak of job growth and wealth in US recorded history, creating a wealthy society, as opposed to the Finnish experience where massive unemployment has become a totally expected an enduring feature, where unemployment numbers hover over 10% and are considered “normal”, were in the the US anything over 4-5% is considered troublesome.

      Question: Why are you concerned with the wealth of others? Out of envy or greed perhaps?

      1. Wealth of others doesn’t bother me one bit, however incredible it may sound. I don’t really have a feeling of envy because of my safe and healthy self-esteem. I don’t think it’s necessary to elaborate on that in a political discussion.
        Anyway, money equals power, and as an incredible amount of money is concentrated in few hands that power is used to make more money regardless of the consequences. That kind of capiltal has the power to sway even the strongest economy.
        In a thriving economy money is supposed to circulate between persons, like blood in your body.
        Nowadays, however, money doesn’t return to circulation in form of investments to industry or taxes the way it used to, because other opportunities for investment brings more profit, quicker. The risk is higher, but once there is enough money involved, the risks can, and will be socialized. Profit isn’t, of course, that remains private.

        1. It obviously bothers you enough to bring up the fact that others have wealth, more than yourself, or others like you. Why should you care who makes more wealth, when wealth in general, benefits society. You obviously think of wealth creation in an objective, ‘zero sum’ game type of way.

          Money still circulates between people, unless you believe that “evil” corporations are not made of people. Contrary to your assertion, money does in fact still get invested, but to a lesser extent due solely to statist governmental intervention. People of all stripes tend to hold onto their investments when the government is not interested in reigning in its debt and uses taxation and/or inflation as a means to forcibly attack property rights and extract personal wealth.

          The use of taxes to redistribute wealth in society, does not produce wealth, it destroys wealth, by removing money from the free market which is the only real mechanism to produce wealth. I agree with you in the context that the risks of the free market shouldn’t be socialized, in other words, the government determining who are the winners and the losers in the free market and subsidizing their debt with public funds. The government just ends up awarding failure.

          Your focus/premise is based on a complete myth, that personal wealth comes at the expense of “the other”.

  2. The Chicago Jesus hates America & Americans. You are fools if you vote for him again because of his skin color. How about using your heads this time and voting for your freedoms and your country and not this a$$hole? Wake the hell up before you help him finish ruining one of the greatest countries on earth.

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