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Nigel Farage: Whatever happened to the veto?

Here’s the strong arming of the faux EU parliament by Schultz, the new president of that collection of rubber stampers.

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  1. This confirms the fact that the EU is a dictatorship with the seat of the ‘Throne in Brussels’, cleverly disguised as a democratic body complete with a ‘parliament’, a ‘chamber’, and ‘representatives’. Every dictatorship on this earth has some sort of ‘representative government’ rubber stamping the dictates of those in power.

  2. this so called democratic parliament is a toothless waste of paper and air.
    the people of europe are being subject to a monumental fraud.

  3. Apparently Schultz has recently been elected to the chair as “President”.

    Nirj Diva correctly pointed out that the newly elected Chair (Schultz) had egregiously violated a fundamental rule of procedure of any formal meeting by failing to step down from the Chair before engaging in active debate.

    In the chair he has to be seen as impartial and disinterested.

    This is just additional proof that the whole thing is just a fake and a sham.

    Absolutely deplorable.

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