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“London prayers are going down, going down, going down, London prayers are going down, my screwed city.”

The Mecca of the city: In a London street, the faithful find a way to pray as their mosque overflows


Last updated at 11:24 PM on 3rd February 2012

In the shadow of the glass and steel skyscrapers of London’s Square Mile, hundreds of  Muslims kneel in the street for Friday prayers.

Yesterday’s hour-long service a stone’s throw from the heart of the financial district proved so popular that worshippers filled the streets around the tiny community mosque.

City workers in pinstripe suits mixed with Muslims from the local Bangladeshi community, cramming into the streets beside a Bentley and other parked cars.


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5 Responses

  1. This is just takeover of the public space, a prelude to take over of the country. From minarets to loudspeakers of the mezzuen calls, to street violence, terrorism, and this awful display of aggressive prayers, is just that – TAKE OVER.

    If any other group did this sort of thing, the police would move in fast and clear the roads. If any one tried to protest against this take over by Muslims, you can bet the police would move in to remove the protests.

  2. Please lets not be hatefull here, OK. First off all islam is one of the only religion that has strict prayers times, every day 5 times a day. So off course you will find them praying in the streets, as there are no mosque in town for them to go to. And if you are going to equating islam to terrorism, that in turn means that protestant and catholic are also terrorists. Especially as the protestant and catholic, started bombing a long time ago.

    And no i am not muslim, or of any religion

    1. Really, and how long have you been on this planet may I ask !

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