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James Delingpole raises a good point in his piece on his blog at the Daily Telegraph, though these honest Mustards look buffoonish, they nonetheless hold the capacity of inflicting dangerous harm upon society if they’re devious enough. Fortunately the majority of these morons, are in fact morons, not having the capacity to carry anything off without getting caught first. That’s not anything to crow about though, for it takes just cell to fly underneath the radar, and that simple fact should raise hairs on everyone’s neck.

The Choudaries of the world are useful tools to the extent that they highlight the real aims of Islam to the general public, but they do pose a violent threat if they manage to spawn groups willing to carry out attacks on society.

Islamists: funny till the bombs go off

What are we to make of Anjem Choudary, ex-leader of banned groups including Islam 4 UK, Muslims Against Crusades and, before that, of Al Muhajiroun – original meeting place of the terrorist gang which has just been convicted of a plot to blow up the London Stock Exchange?

The sophisticated view – taken by everyone from Justin Elliott in Salon to Rod Liddle in the Spectator – is that he is a harmless, publicity-seeking buffoon.

Here’s Rod:

Anjem Choudray, who dreamed up the march, is one of those thick-as-mince gobby little chancers who could only possibly come from Britain — Welling, Kent, in this particular case. Think Derek Hatton, except with an additional ideological commitment to clitoridectomies and beheadings. Typically too dense to pass his medical exams, he became a solicitor but for some time has lived off state benefits while urging death upon the rest of us, sometimes as a handmaiden to the exponentially stupid ‘Sheikh’ Omar Bakri Mohammed (whom we kicked out of the country), and latterly as the guiding light behind the wonderful Islam4UK group — a terrific name, like or You can watch him on YouTube explaining to a BBC interviewer why no infidels are innocent, they all have to die, not my fault, Stephen, just how it is, according to Allah.

Elliott called him “Fox’s Favorite Muslim Radical” because of his unerring ability to get himself invited back onto Fox News with his provocative statements. And it’s true, Choudary is a brilliant wind-up merchant. Remember his 2009 March for Sharia, which he publicised by photoshopping minarets onto Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square to show how glorious Britain would look under the Caliphate? Or his proposed march in 2010 on Wootton Bassett, the town through which Britain’s recent war dead make their solemn final journey from the fields of Afghanistan? Neither event transpired but perhaps that was never the point: these were merely the eye-catching initiatives of a shameless self-publicist.

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  1. He’s recruiting gullible morons who don’t notice, for whatever reasons, he is never the one arrested or imprisoned. Like Arafat. I’m surprised there is not one at least a little smarter than the rest to notice–at least to do him in the Klingon way.

  2. How this dufus has not been already thrown into a rubber room in a strait jacket is beyond my understanding.

    He is a menace to society, and a down right buffoon.

    No wonder sane Englishmen want to escape the bigger straight jacket that is now the UK.

  3. They’re retarded, seriously retarded!! Wtf muslims against crusades?? So basically “muslims attacking christian lands and expecting the christians to sit back and watch”???

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