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Think about it for a second. The Yazidi have been hounded and rounded up like sheep for the slaughter by the “more Islamic” groups around them in the Middle East for centuries. Yet while living in a Western country that practices equal rights and equality before the law, they hunt down their own kind for “un-Islamic behavior”. Doesn’t look like that integration or multiculturalism is working in Germany, now does it? KGS

The Local: The police and the prosecutors assume that the body discovered on Friday in Schleswig Holstein is the body of Arzu Ö., a young Kurdish woman who lived in the town of Detmold in North Rhine-Westphalia. 

Prosecutor Michael Kempkes said on Sunday that they were waiting on a DNA match before confirming that it was indeed the missing woman. The police would release no further details due to the ongoing investigation.

The young woman, whose body was found in scrubland by the employee of a nearby golf course, had been the victim of a violent assault. 

Arzu Ö. had been missing since November of last year and police had already suspected that her five siblings forcibly abducted from her boyfriend’s apartment and possibly killed her. Her four brothers and a sister have been held in custody for months, but refuse to cooperate with the authorities. 

Her family, who are of the Yazidi faith, disapproved of her relationship with a young apprentice baker because he was from another faith. German police had recently asked authorities in Turkey, where her family originally come from, for assistance in finding her.

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  1. Hi KGS, as far as I’m aware the Yazidis are actually a not an Islamic sect but have absorbed elements of Sufism into their pre-Mohammedan Kurdish tribal religion, which has some relation to the Mandaeans I think. There are quite a number in Iraq, I believe, perhaps you remember that incident from a few years back of some sort of Iraqi “Romeo and Juliet” story of a Yazidi girl and Muslim boy who got into some trouble which led to an “honour killing” and then to a mass killing of Yazidis. Evidently living amongst the followers of Mahound the Mad may have a deleterious effect on the mores of any group. I have not heard of Jews or Christians from the middle east, north Africa or Asia committing “honour killings”. I cannot remember any case from when I lived in Israel amongst the Druz e- who are very adamant that they are not “Muslims”. They too have some kind of autochthonous tribal faith, but ethnologists consider them an offshoot of Ismaili Islam.

    1. Thanks Jake, I’ll add the Wiki description of their belief system, and you’re right about Christians and Jews in Muslim lands not involved in honor killings. If it happens, as sure as lightening strikes, then it’s the exception not the rule.


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