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The geniuses on the Left approach governmental financial problems as if they are afflicted with touretts syndrome, ‘tax the wealthy, tax the wealthy, tax the wealthy’. The interesting thing is, they never clearly define just exactly who are these ‘wealthy’ among us. They just quietly ratchet up the tax on all of us because, the wealth of the really wealthy is never enough to cover the costs of the Left’s entitlement programs and financial woes, it comes from the vast majority of middle income earners.

So you just have to learn to read between the lines when these statist politicians speak, when they speak of ‘the wealthy’, they really mean average income earners. Besides, (apart from all you who are jealous over private wealth) who cares how much the wealthy earn, and why should they pay more in taxes than the rest of us? There should be a flat tax and that should be the end of it, enough with this Marxist clap trap progressive tax system. KGS

NOTE: It’s gotten so bad here in Finland that the police issue fines for moving violations according to one’s gross income.

Finance Minister Urpilainen would increase taxes on the wealthy

Need for cost-cutting measures to be evaluated in March

Minister of Finance and SDP chair Jutta Urpilainen thinks that there is a need to increase the marginal rate of taxation on those with high incomes.

”It is essential that the burden is shared in a fair way, which calls for tightening the taxes of wealthy people”, said Minister of Finance Urpilainen at an SDP party meeting on Thursday.

According to Urpilainen, the taxation of earned income and possibly even the rate of capital income taxes should be stiffened, in order to prevent Finland from falling deeper into debt.

Urpilainen pointed out that according to research, a more even distribution of income would also promote competitiveness and the coherence of society.

Moreover, all Finns should prepare themselves for additional cost-cutting measures, as according to Urpilainen, the proposed tax increases alone will not ameliorate the current financial situation.

”Tax increases, belt-tightening, and structural reforms will all be needed”, Urpilainen said.

The party leader refused to specify exactly whom would belong to the “wealthy people” category or which services could be cut.

First the SDP will want to see the economic forecasts that will be published in February-March. Potential decisions will be made in connection with the budgetary talks in March.

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