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  1. The N.K. morons must think God is a total wimpy retard if he needs their help.

    1. Yes exactly…

      While paul can claim ignorance of the Neturei Karta, he can’t claim ignorance of the emblems on that fat carcass shaking his hand, Israeli flags with a line drawn through them and a Pali flag.

      1. Exactly, it is right in front of him. I also saw a picture of him with the founder of Stormfront. He sure has extremist fans.

  2. IT has been said “you can tell much about a person by the company they keep”. MR. Paul can make all of the lame excuses he wants to, but IMHO we know little of him except that which has been revealed lately. Digging deep I fear will expose the man as a real danger to the US , right now I’m not buying his Libertarian and other unconventional views until it is disclosed who is really backing him.

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