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UPDATE: Rumor of soldiers being rough with the protesters, dispelled by Israeli TV1, – they were arrested after attacking soldiers. H/T: Yisrael Medad.

Here is a video from the protest that Vlad and I pieced together to give it the proper context:

They want to promote the myth that Arabs can’t use the roads connecting Israeli towns and cities in Judea and Samaria. Commentary Magazine disproves it here:

“The roads she’s referring to in the West Bank are Israeli, and they’re not just for Jews. Israeli Arabs can drive on them, and so can non-Jewish foreigners, including Arab and Muslim foreigners. Palestinians were once able to drive on them but have not been allowed to do so since the second intifada, when suicide bombers used them to penetrate Tel Aviv and Jerusalem in order to massacre people.”

Referring to an al-AP article that reported falsely about the road system in question CAMERA makes it quite clear here as well:

 A Dec. 30 A-section item from the Associated Press, about an Israeli Supreme Court ruling giving Palestinians access to a section of West Bank highway previously closed to them, incorrectly said that Israel reserves some roads for Jews. The country closes some roads to virtually all Palestinians, but they are open to all Israeli citizens and to other nationals, regardless of religious background.

[The “Jewish-only roads” canard has long been trupeted by ideologues — Jewish and otherwise — seeking to spread misinformation about Israel. But responsible media outlets, which strive to adhere to journalistic guidelines calling for accuracy, have largely managed to avoid echoing the false claim. It is to their credit that when the erroneous information was corrected after being published. (By contrast, Israel’s Ha’aretz has opted not to adhere to journalistic norms, having consistantly refused to correct stories by journalist Amira Hass that spread the falsehood.)]

The only outlet reporting on today’s happening is the Left-wing anti-Israel rag +972, which  can hardly conceal it’s agenda by reporting straight away that Israeli border guards are using “excessive force” on protesters. In fact, they provoke the highly trained border guards to do something so that they can show to the international audience just how mean Jews really are.

Besides, the whole thing is a scam, Muslims as well as Jews use these roads, only the Arabs of the Palestinian Authority aren’t allowed to use them due to Israelis having been attacked by these Arabs who used to be allowed full access. Get it? KGS

H/T: Elder of Ziyon and Challah Hu Akbar

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  1. Many thanks for uploading. The fact that he speaks English is one of the first things I noticed. Also, they have pretty nice cars and clothes for such an ‘oppressed people’.

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