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NOTE: This story did not make its way into the Norwegian MSM at all, just a lone Christian paper covered it. It’s time that they were shamed into doing so don’t you? KGS

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From Norway, Israel and the Jews:

First an admission – one Norwegian newspaper did report on this incident – the Christian daily Dagen. Excellent as though it is, it is hardly a paper read by your average Norwegian, so for the majority of Norwegians, who rely on NRK, Dagbladet, VG and Aftenposten for coverage of domestic affairs, this one has slipped under the radar.

Jewish funeral procession “attacked” in Oslo

When the Jewish man  Gabriel Philip Stiris (91) was buried in Oslo early in december, an unknown man appeared and shouted  «fuck the jews» and behaved in a manner that was threatening.

Ove Eikje

– We were shocked when this happened, and have never heard of anything like this, his son Morten Stiris tells Dagen. He was about to shovel earth on the coffin when the unknown man expressed his hatred of Jews. The man stood outside the fence of the Jewish cemetery. Maybe he had discovered the obituary in the newspaper Aftenposten, and knew that a Jewish burial would take place at this time?


The man raised his left arm to a Nazi salute, and he seemed threatening. This was a very deliberate action, my father was the only Jew who was buried that day, says Morten Stiris. Several persons who participated in the funeral procession ran after the man who had white skin color. But he was too far ahead, and got away without being identified. This harrowing incident took place at the Jewish cemetery at Østre Gravlund in Oslo on Monday 5 December.

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  1. Typical infantile, anti-semite coward. They only feel confident to physically attack when they overwhelm the victim 10 to one. Hopefully they have CCTV evidence.

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