The vast amount of that wealth should be in Western hands, for not only finding the oil, and developing the technology to extract it, but for inventing the industry in which the oil is used to create products. KGS

NOTE: I would rather see their money used for expensive baubles that feed our western economy, than to going to fund the jihad.

A night’s bill more than 80 000: “Not in any way unusual,”

MTV3: A bar invoice for one night has been the center of attention on both Twitter and Facebook in recent days, which has impoverished the owner of more than 80 000 euros.

The bill of about 83 000 euros (387 988 dirhams), was rung up at the Fairmont Hotel’s Cavalli Club located in Dubai.

The bar invoice included, among other things, one six-liter bottle of Cristal champagne, which was priced at € 27 000. The invoice also included, inter alia, a three-liter bottle of vodka, whiskey, and a 25 EUR  cake.

Many people have doubted the authenticity of the invoice. the nightclub representative, David Lescarre says, however, at website that bills like this at the top club in no way uncommon.

– While the recession has affected both individuals and businesses in 2011, the Cavalli Club still has enough visitors who use plenty of money, Lescarre said.

– Last year, a two-table troupe’s average consumption during one evening ranged from 400 000 500 000 dirhams dirhams (42 000 – 100 000 EUR), and we believe that trend to continue this year as well. Now, one person has already spent a little less than 400 000 dirham.

H/T: Kumitonttu

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    1. Evidently these very pious ‘followers of the teachings of the prophet’ somehow feel they are exempt from the rather harsh edicts and practices of their religion.

  1. Who are the fools here? We the West after WW1 took these nomads, so-called ‘royal families’ attempted to civilize them, gave them titles, enriched them beyond anyone’s imagination, and for this all we get is price gouging, sarcasm, greed, insult, hatred, back stabbing, collusion with our enemies, and not even a thank you. They keep their populations in a sort of religious concentration camps and treat foreign workers like slaves. Before the Oil companies these bogus sheiks and princes lived in tents and had no modern amenities, every thing they use or construct comes from the world of the unclean and unholy Infidel.

  2. A fool and his money are soon parted, no matter how rich.

  3. But – there must be some mistake. Muslims don’t drink alcohol.

  4. This a very rich Indian who used this money here in Dubai in which the story has spread here in Dubai but he for sure not Muslem

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