Anti-Israel bigotry and bias anti-Semitism Canada



Gee, then neither does Quebec.

Never mind the fact that this guy buys into every Left-wing nonsensical claptrap theory and historical revisionism on modern Israeli history, and one the Arabs’ conflict with the Jewish state. What this Jew hater is actually saying, is that Jews are the only people who do not have a right to self determination. He’s a moron. KGS

NOTE: Seeing that the French speaking enclave was founded on land not traditionally theirs, as opposed to ancient Jewish ties to Israel, the French Quebec blowhard, by default, makes a case for an Indian takeover of that land and kick the Frenchies out.

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    1. big surprise that this loser continues his rants on israel ,the only industry in town were 5 yarn mills that have all closed thanks to this idiot mayor who led the charge for 25 dollars a he has to blame someone,oh i forgot the unemployemnet rate in this mans town is 38 %

  1. Ever silent and friendly Canada has some serious issues these days. These people who support The Mythical Land Of Palestine are seriously lacking in history lessons and completely immune to facts.

    It would do them good to read The Book of Enoch and read and evaluate Genesis.

  2. Quebec doesn’t deserve to exist. Right back at ya, Gendron.

      1. Come one Runner, POTB is clearly taking the same line as the TT, just following this douchebag’s logic can only mean one thing.

  3. Quebec needs to restore the lands to the indigenous tribes, at least what remains of them.

  4. Um, if he cares so hotly about this sort of thing, why hasn’t he moved back to Europe?

    Why is he, by being a part of the system, collaborating with the exact sort of thing he claims he doesn’t approve of?

    That’s because he does approve of it. But gorsh, how can he approve of one country yet not approve of another when both were founded in similar ways?

    Now what’s the difference, I just wonder, between the founders of Canada and the founders of Israel? I suspect it’s in that little difference where we will find what Hizzonor really doesn’t like.

  5. Quebec as we have been knowing it does not have the right to exist, because it was not created by God, but by various schemers. And also because its first French-speaking inhabitants were by no means more attached to their language than any other ethnic group that came to America at that time, be it the Dutch or the Germans. Most nowadays’ Quebecers are rather descendants of Indian and Scottish (or Irish) Metis that their White fathers would not consider theirs, but that the French authorities would have baptized by a more compliant clergy and integrate into a quite artificial identity, whereas the real French (mostly Norman) would emigrate to the US or integrate into the Anglo world for greater economic opportunity. At that time, contrary to the present, the Anglos were less inclusive and more racist, mostly for their being part of very right-wing protestant denominations. Quebec was allowed by Britain to be artificially founded by scheming free-masons, and also more power-hungry than God-fearing clerics due to the fact that at that time the Brits were at war with the US, and feared that a population converted to English would have fallen more easily prey to American propaganda (the desire to go back to France was absolutely non-existent, as the multiple failures of Napoleonic espionage and subversion ventures proved, and even the radical fringe of the Papineau abortive patriot movement envisioned joining the American Union, not forming an independent country). But in reality both the Norman settlers and the Indian Metis would have chosen English if they had been consulted at that time. The discrimination that many Quebecers had been subject to before 1960, and still goes on in a subtler way, had in fact more to do with their being descendants of uprooted Indians and impoverished Irish immigrants of the kind English Canada would not integrate, than for their being French, for most real Normans that still inhabit Quebec are rather very pro-Anglo by tradition. Present-day Quebec nationality is an artificial (and anti-Christian as well as anti-Jewish and anti-moral generally) construct where most people are discouraged to know their real history and rather indulge in new-age day-dreams that for the most part don’t go back further than the Woodstock era when the PQ was founded and the sex revolution occurred (most PQ and also late liberal party members were there for sexual identity problems rather real national ones, and were more intent in destroying family values than promoting a country). The real God of Israel was not even consulted to found Quebec as we know it today, for it started as a gerrymandering thing before being recuperated by unbelieving Catholic one, and then at last by the new age post-Christian one. The few professional liars and mythologists and Neanderthals like Stephane Gendron who think they are a God-free and Jew-free nation bound to do away with all elementary moral values should be transported to Haiti or to Zimbabwe, where their like are in power, whereas the 99.9% remaining would be glad to know their real family history and become real English Canadians at last.

    But Israel was founded by God as the first non-demonic nation on earth. Israel has thus the right to exist more than any other country on earth. But only in as much as it is a country based on the strict practice of Judaic commandments, which means a regime even more severe than for instance Iran. Access to it should be denied to so-called Jews who are intent on going on with their humanistic ways and ideas, who don’t inhabit it as a sacred land as full-time religious people, but reproduce in it the consumer and professional achievement society that suit them so well in America and Europe. That was my main disappointment when I visited that land : most Jews who live in it don’t live on the sacred soil of Israel, but in a world-vision TV serial called “Israel”. After their well-paid work day doing stunts is over, they only think of getting back into their air-conditioned shopping malls and condos and coffee houses discussing of sports and politics, not of God, not even thinking of the real land with its olive trees that sometimes date back to the time of Herod. More destruction has occurred of ancient Hebrew sceneries because of the extension of the suburbia of Tel-Aviv, than because of Islamic bombs. Palestine has no right to exist, because the Arab Muslims who militate for it simply never dream of it for real. All those Arabs I personally met in so-called Palestine during my last trip to Israel only dream of a pan Arabic Muslim caliphate from Morocco to Pakistan, capable of making the whole world shudder, not of a tiny independent and insignificant state of Palestine which would be more derelict and news-forlorn than Yemen. Palestine is a concept made only for Western consumption, to bewitch the audiences that would otherwise be rightly horrified by the prospect of the real present-day Muslim fundamentalist empire that is being built as the Arab spring revolutions turn into Muslim totalitarian regimes one after another, and dead intent in erasing all national identities in favor of imperial Islam. Most present-day Palestinians have nothing to to with the Bedouins that were there before 1850, most Arabs came later on from Egypt and Lebanon as English entrepreneurs developed the first industrial plantations of oranges and needed abundant manpower in the plains, right at the time the Jewish settlers came to colonize smaller plots of lands in the hills. It is true many up to then non-jewish lands were forcibly turned into jewish hands when Israel arose as an independent country, but those lands had been for the most part in British or other foreign hands, the Arabs proper being only transient manpower having permanent residency in Egypt for the most part (the Palestinian dialect is purely Egyptian).

    The White Race was made by God, as well as the Indian one. Canada was made by God for its constitution recognizes the supremacy of God. Even though it is a new country, it recognizes the many races and creeds that have been composing it. Quebec was not made by God, for its supposedly original and unique culture has nothing to do with its supposed origins but is the mere projection of a marxist-like ideology that negates both the jewish holocaust, the divinity of Christ, and the real family trees of its bemused citizens. It is more a God-less and child-abusing religious sect than a nation proper. Christianity was made by God to show humanity His Grace, as well as its immediate ancestor Judaism to show humanity His Law. Islam was also made by God as a scourge to punish those who would scorn both His Law and His Grace, both the Jews and their Christian forbears, as will happen pretty soon with France and also with Quebec unless they both renounce to their ungodly national humanistic false identity.

    Palestine was not made by God, it was the name of the country after the Romans had conquered and burned it into a ghastly desert (actually they nicknamed the region thus after the then extinct infamous Black cannibal Philistines, just to humiliate the Jews that had put an end to such a barbarity), and not even the wretched Arab bedouins who edged a survival in it thereafter cared to know its name, they rather referred to the greater Arabic and Turkish empires they were part of. If so-called Palestine were to turn back to its real original inhabitants, it should be given back to the child-sacrificing cults of nowadays in Haiti or elsewhere that pursue the ways of former black Hamitic Jericho and Philistines, and thus cannibalize all present-day so-called Palestinians, or to the Gays of the World that pursue the ways of the ancient empire of Sodom and Gomorrha, and make all present-day so-called Palestinians die of Aids. In the same way if so-called Quebec were to be reverted to its original inhabitants (who still inhabit it as Metis and scheduled Indians, by the way) and ways, it should be given back to Indian cannibal tribes that would have for dinner all the self-styled French quite fast.

    1. Folks, Miville’s account of history is simply….. stunning.

  6. The above comment shows us all exactly why Brieviks manifesto became 1000 pages long and how he could have composed it without help.

    It all looks superficially like a grand theory but much of the content is associational rather than rational. That is to say one statement is leading to the next rather than being related to a conclusion.

    This is because the poster has schizophrenia. Poking fun at his statement won’t be productive. He is extremely mentally ill and will not be able to process rebuttals or abuse. He deserves help rather than snark.

    This is very serious.

    He needs to speak to a psychiatrist as soon as possible. I hope he has one already and has merely lapsed in taking his medication.

    I am not being snarky or humorous at all. My statement is made entirely out of solicitousness for his well being.

  7. Just to be clear I am talking about Miville. The brain is a machine and sometimes needs a little expert assistance to work right again- there is nothing to be ebarasssed about.

    Just take your ID to the nearest hospital.

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