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Just about anything that gums up the works within the EU is worth supporting.

How dare the Hungarian parliament listen to the mandate of the people! The Hungarian Prime Minister and his cabinet are under extreme pressure not only from the Eurocrats, but also from the Obama regime as well, who loves to run roughshod over his own constitution and act as an imperial president.

You see how it is folks, the way totalitarians think? If the Hungarian PM, Vikto Orben was muscling a EU approved policy/agenda into law within his own country against the majority view of the people, they would be singing his praises as a “real leader”. But since he’s responding to the will of the people, he’s considered a dangerous lone wolf in need of sanctioning.

Obama trashes the very constitution he swore to uphold on a daily basis. He rams all kinds of policies and appointments through by circumventing the congress because they are at loggerheads with him. So instead of meeting with them to has out the differences, he circumvents them. The EU operates along the very same line of thinking, the people get in the way every time, so we need to ram our policies down their throats and there you have it.

Hungary is acting in its own self interests and passed amendments to its constitution that reflects the will of the people, and that’s one straw too many for the EU, so out comes the knives and brass knuckles. Nice to see some Europeans still having a spine. KGS

Also: Hungarian leader accused of ‘dictatorship’ over new constitution

The constitution now references God, defines marriage as a union between man and woman and life as beginning at conception, sparking criticism from international organisations and EU members.

In Orban’s view, the new legal text “marks the end of the country’s transition to democracy from Communism” – as he explained in an interview with the Magyar Nemzet newspaper on 24 December.

Hungary Under Pressure

By Baron Bodissey

Hungary has been in the news a lot in recent weeks, thanks to its government’s move to assert control over the Hungarian Central Bank. The European Central Bank has reacted strongly against the action, saying that the Hungarian government “could undermine [the central bank’s] independence.”

Well… From the point of view of Brussels, any institution that is not fully controlled by the European Union has had its “independence” compromised. Central control by the ECB is liturgically correct; control by a national government is rank heresy.

Central Control is Independence. Freedom is Slavery.

The following article from Politically Incorrect provides some background on the current situation in Hungary. One of the more interesting policies proposed by the new Hungarian government is an initiative demanding that the former Communists answer for their crimes against the nation — which can’t help but annoy the mandarins of the EUSSR.

Many thanks to JLH for the translation:

Hungary Under Pressure
by Eternia, PI Coblenz
January 3, 2012

All Europe is ruled from Brussels. All Europe? No, a small country is walling itself off from internationalism at the cost of its population. In the elections in 2010, the conservative party Fidesz received over 50% of the vote in the country.

Viktor Orban, who had already been minister-president from 1998 to 2002, was elected as new minister-president. Several reforms have already been introduced in Orban’s new term in office. Among them a new media law which emphasizes more strongly legal protection for children and a clause according to which the media are obliged to present balanced reporting.

Now German media are reporting mass protests in Hungary. The organizations there spoke of more than 100,000 demonstrators. The German media reported several times ten thousand or more than ten thousand. Why are they demonstrating? The rightist conservative minister-president Viktor Orban adopted several amendments to the constitution which take effect on January 1, 2012. Among other things:

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