Anti-Israel bigotry and bias Tunisia



Fundamentalist Islamic regime condemns anti-Jew slurs?

But don’t get too misty eyed, the Ennahda party said nothing about the “death to Israel” chants, they passed muster. Israel, as we well know, is used interchangeably by the Arabs for “Jews”. Getting wiser about not using language that will cause an international ruckus I believe. KGS

NOTE: Calling for the genocide of Israel, meaning the murder of every breathing Israeli Jew however, is just swell with them.

Tunisia’s Islamist party slams anti-Semitic chants 

TUNIS, Tunisia (al-AP) – The head of Tunisia’s moderate Islamic party condemned anti-Semitic slogans chanted Monday by a handful of ultraconservative Muslims during the arrival of a top Hamas official that have alarmed the local Jewish community.

It was the latest action by a small group of ultraconservative Muslims over the past few months to have embarrassed the government in what was once one of the more secular countries in the Arab world.

Rachid Ghannouchi reiterated the policy of his Ennahda party, which heads the country’s new government, that Tunisia’s Jews are “full citizens with equal rights and duties.”

“Ennahda condemns these slogans which do not represent Islam’s spirit or teachings, and considers those who raised them as a marginal group,” Ghannouchi said in a statement.

Videos circulated online showed crowd members greeting Ismail Haniyeh, the prime minister of the Gaza government, at the airport in Tunis on Thursday chanting “Kill the Jews” and “Crush the Jews.” The chants came from Salafists, ultraconservative Muslims who have been making their presence felt in Tunisia recently.

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  1. After World War 2 the civilised world said ‘never again’ and the generations that followed prided themselves in being more informed and more educated than the ‘stupid’ Germans of the 1930s who were ignorant enough to fall for Hitler’s lies.
    Of course, today’s generation have no excuse. They have the benefit of history to teach them the truth and they sincerely believe that they are being vigilant. As soon as a jackboot-wearing skinhead appears and declares himself to be a Neo-Nazi, they’re quick to shout him down and then pat each other on the backs for being clever enough to see through his anti-Semitic nonsense.
    Of course, the real Nazis meanwhile, are running amok, declaring to destroy Israel and threatening to wipe out the Jews. The enablers are out in force too, calling Israel a fascist state and claiming that everything is a Zionist conspiracy – everything from 9/11 to the so-called ‘New World Order.’
    It makes the 1930s Germans look pretty smart doesn’t it? It also shows that some people learn nothing from history.
    Could today’s generation be one of the dumbest that has ever lived?

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