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You can only guess how much of the taxpayers’ money goes towards funding this kind of thing.

Vasarahammer alerts the TT to an interesting example of multicultural programming targeting children by the state broadcaster, YLE. A children’s show originating from Spain and dubbed in Finnish, tells of a boy getting circumcised. Vasarahammer fills in the blanks.

In the beginning the parrot and the black cat discuss about colors and their meaning. The parrot thinks that black is the color of sorrow. The cat replies and says that in China white is the color of sorrow. And in some parts of Africa black is the color of life (or something in that direction). The target is to show that circumcision is normal and something to be celebrated.

About the circumcision.

In the episode, the reason for circumcision is never explained, the spectator does not know if it is medical or non-medical.

[TT: Initially he didn’t want to go through the procedure, but after his mother said is was just a small piece coming off, and he’ll be asleep and wont feel a thing, sleeping like a lamb, he becomes convinced it’s Okay.]

[TT: The mother becomes disenchanted with the idea but the soon turns her around, especially after his friends’ encouragement.]

However, the kids are busy organizing a party for the circumcision. The Indian girl expresses doubt about the operation:

“How stupid it is to go to hospital for nothing!” (you’re not allowed to celebrate).

She is, however, quickly silenced.

Some kid (presumably a muslim) says in the show:

“In my country your deed is the rite of adulthood.

(Did you hear that shy guy? You’re a man.”) In the end, the grumpy parrot says:

“but every day people move here from who knows where. What if someone thinks that your favorite color brings bad luck?”

About Asha

Asha is the daughter of Omar (presumably muslim) and Rosa. She’s a true multiculti kid and has built her own computer from the parts that his father Omar brought home.

From the Asha webpage:

This implies that having people coming from different parts of the world make a better society.

“The computer and all the hours ASHA has spent on it are also a symbol of her determination to battle against what most upsets her, injustice in the world”

She has truly embraced the progressive ideals.

“Power and altruism are the two concepts that best define ASHA.”

NOTE: Altruism: The principle or practice of unselfish concern for or devotion to the welfare of others ( opposed to egoism). That is meant on the individual level, the statist multiculturalist intends to force upon society its ‘own version of altruism’ ripping the entire meaning of altruism to shreds in the process.

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  1. Yle has withdrawn the controversial circumcision episode from their online Areena website.


    The state broadcaster received a lot of negative feedback concerning the episode.

    1. Thanks Vasarahammer, I just got word of it and posted a new one. Thanks for the H/T though, much appreciated.

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