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The “equality of outcome” mindset breeds this kind of tomfoolery, there isn’t one law for all, hell, they didn’t even tell him that he could pay in installments, just lower it for him because he more than likely was poorer than other Norwegians. Discrimination against Norwegians? Yes.

You can argue about the police stopping someone for squeaky breaks, but determining what one should pay by what he earns is discrimination in the extreme and tyrannical. Here in Finland they do the exact same thing, get stopped for a moving violation, and they police will ask for your estimated gross income on the spot so they can fill out your ticket.

It’s Marxism in the raw and they’re stupid enough not to question it, because treating people differently sounds,….oh so fair. KGS

H/T: Fjordman

Cops cut fine for ‘poor’ Swedish truck driver

A truck driver fined for having sub-standard brakes was given a hefty discount by Norwegian police who reckoned the fact he was Swedish meant he probably earned much less money than his colleagues. Ulf Anders Andersson, 61, was driving a truck for his Norwegian employer when he was pulled over by police.

They concluded the vehicle was a traffic hazard due to its shoddy brakes, and issued an 8,000 ($1,330) kroner fine on the spot last March, newspaper VG reports. But Andersson later received a surprising letter saying the Norwegian police had taken the fact he was Swedish into consideration, and cut the fine in half “in light of your income level.” “I’m happy to have got the discount since I’m contesting the fine, but I find it very strange,” he said.

Andersson pointed out that he actually made more than his Norwegian colleagues since he lives over the border in Sweden and benefits from the relative weakness of the Swedish krona. “They should have been able to figure that out,” he said. Police did not wish to comment on the case but conceded that foreign drivers occasionally have their fines reduced since they tend to earn far less than Norwegians.

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