Cambridge Union speech in March 2011

Probably Douglas Murray’s finest speech delineating the inane moral fetor emanating from Western academicians on the Iranian nuclear crisis (and the hapless Jewish state Europe hates).

H/T: Dennis Mitzner



  1. In the chair – is that the best the Cambridge debating society or whatever, could come up with?

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  3. Wow, I’m very impressed! You could hear the emotion in his voice. A few months back a Dutch writer wrote the same, if Israel attacks the nuclear systems in Iran pretty much everyone will condemn them. He wrote:…but I have already forgiven them.

    I feel the same way.

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  5. Douglas is an articulate young man for whom common sense matters most.
    It’s time the conservative party offered him a seat .
    I’ve seen him a couple of times on TV of late(in particular with Rory Stewart on Newsnight.)
    In any event I believe we’ll hear more from him.

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  7. The British Government has been anti-Jewish and pro-Arab even prior to 1948, when
    Bevin ordered that a ship filled with Holocaust survivors from Nazi concentration camps be boarded by British troops is sight of Israel and sailed to Germany, the country
    responsible for the murder of 6 million of their brethren. So much for British concern
    for humanity!

  8. Well done! I clapped at home when he referred to the fact that the Europeans care more about their oil than the safety of Israel. I hope we hear more from this young man.

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