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It’s condemnable activity, but not ‘Islamophobia’, which is an entirely made up terminology used to label fair criticism of Islam as bigotry. Targeting people, buildings and personal property are never the answer, debate in the public arena however, is. KGS

NOTE: Given the number of instances in which Muslims themselves have targeted their own or rival mosques, it’s entirely reasonable to believe that not all these instances were done by the hands of non-Muslims, especially since no one has ever been caught.

From BadNewsFromTheNetherlands blog:

2005-2010: Large Numbers of Mosques Targeted by Violence 

During the years of 2005-2010, mosques in the Netherlands were targeted by violence 117 times. There was vandalism recorded 37 times and mosques were sprayed with graffiti 43 times. Pig heads were also placed next to mosques. In the U.S. during that period, 42 such incidents took place. These results were gathered by research done by Ineke van der Valk on behalf of the Euro Mediterraan Centrum voor Migratie en Islamofobie. (EMCEMO). In 99 cases, the perpetrators were not found.

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  1. I prefer the correct spelling of the word: “Islamofauxbia”.

  2. A heck of a lot of such attacks, when properly investigated by police, yield perpetraitors who aren’t just muslim but are members of the actual mosques that are supposedly attacked.

    That’s why CAIR has to try so hard to get people to report such things and makes such meals out of it the infinitesimally few times it actually happens- because most of the time the police find out quickly that these things have been staged.

    Acts 17 apogogetics recently explained why these events are so often caused by muslims themselves. These things occur so that jihadists can capitalize upon them to create an air of embattlement so they can respond with the fraudulently named “defensive” jihad. This is a process that goes back 1300 years to the founding of islam. It was a part of Muhammads strategy to accuse jews and pagans of such provocations as an excuse for his banditry and conquest.

    Average muslims may not be aware of this but Imams educated in the Hadith and Sira know full well that such accusations of oppression and offence are usually false or staged. As the female agitator in “Dispatches: Undercover Mosque” said: It’s one of “our secrets”.

  3. False flag attacks are yet another propaganda tool of the Islamists to garner headlines and sympathy. This effective use of the MSM sways many of the spineless leftists in the political class to work in the Islamists favor.

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