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“It is disgusting. They put fingers up my ass,” she revealed.

Not for the feint of heart.

After all the atrocities I have seen over the years, I sit here aghast, with open mouth.

Tahrir Woman Who Has her Pants Ripped Off Has little to Celebrate

Published January 26th, 2012 – 07:40 GMT via

The women of Tahrir are part of the backbone of the revolution, but face the risk of violent sexual harassment on a daily basis. Enlarge Image

Two articles that tell of the continued distress of badly-treated women in Tahrir, including foreign Arab American who was stripped of clothes and assaulted in Egypt’s Tahrir Square.

Heather still doesn’t know how she made it home on Wednesday night after being in Egypt’s Tahrir Square. The Arab-American arrived back at her Cairo flat without pants, having had them torn off downtown. She and her two roommates were victims of a mob attack by people in the iconic square on Wednesday, as protesters demonstrated against the military junta.

According to Heather, an Arab-American living in the Egyptian capital, she and her Swedish and Spanish roommates took to Tahrir as thousands were converging there to mark one-year since the ousting of former President Hosni Mubarak.

“They started fighting over who was going to do what,” Heather told in an exclusive interview. She came forward after seeing the report on a foreign woman who was stripped naked and assaulted only hours after her own incident.“My roommates and I fell to the ground when they attacked us. The people pulled my pants off even as I yelled and tried to fight,” she continued.The incident occurred around 7:30 PM local time, just as night was taking hold of the city.

Heather said the attack happened “in the center of Tahrir.” She said that after the men pulled their pants off, they continued to grab and grobe the woman’s bodies. “It is disgusting. They put fingers up my ass,” she revealed.

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  1. There was no need for them to put their fingers up her ass. This is very unhygienic and can spread infections and if no washing takes place afterwards then serious health issues can occur.
    I feel sorry for this woman as a Muslim man’s dirty fingers can cause disease. I sincerely hope that she cleaned and scrubbed her backside at the first opportunity!

  2. All this must be archived. When the time is right to do a “Saddam” on Egypt, this sort of information will come in handy.

  3. A completely disgusting and revolting display of depravity by inbred mutants who are still living in the 7th century. Sadly these incidents are becoming the true face of the so-called ‘Arab Spring’.

  4. Hey! They only did what they know. Their culture tells them this is OK. Probably they had fingers or worse up their own asses when they were powerless to stop it. I am not making light of it, only the clueless idealism that would lead any woman to be in such denial that they would go to such a place at all.

  5. The only proven cure for sex predators ( Islamic variety ) is radiation therapy , preferably given via a thermonuclear device , works every time .

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