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He completely ignores the strong totalitarianism and utopian dimension of Islam.

Jonathan Laurence is an associate professor of political science at Boston College, and the author of “The Emancipation of Europe’s Muslims: The State’s Role in Minority Integration.” He represents the typical academic mindset that glosses over the accurate, historical truth of Islam, and the history of its hegemony over the areas it conquered by the actual sword, or through the discriminative institution of dhimmitude.

Instead, he prefers to impart a highly false Western stereotyped thinking that loves to generalize all religions, in that they embody similar values, traits and characteristics, all that is needed is to coral Islam into the fold of Western democracy is to treat it in same like manner as we do all other religions, “and they’ll eventually come around.”

What’s wrong with that thinking is that its built upon a false premise, that Islam is basically  similar to other religions, when it has been already decisively proven not to be the case. Islam is an entire civilization, with the religious portion being nothing more than the beard to the ideology.

How to Integrate Europe’s Muslims

NYT: […]

Europeans should not be afraid to allow Muslim students to take classes on Islam in state-financed schools and universities. The recognition and accommodation of Islamic religious practices, from clothing to language to education, does not mean capitulation to fundamentalism. On the contrary, only by strengthening the democratic rights of Muslim citizens to form associations, join political parties and engage in other aspects of civic life can Europe integrate immigrants and give full meaning to the abstract promise of religious liberty.

Here’s the real reason for the above statement, found later towards the end of the article. So the man reeks of cognitive dissonance:

Over the next 20 years, Europe’s Muslim population is projected to grow to nearly 30 million — 7 to 8 percent of all Europeans — from around 17 million. Granting Muslims full religious freedom wouldn’t remove obstacles to political participation or create jobs. But it would at least allow tensions over Muslims’ religious practices to fade. This would avoid needless sectarian strife and clear the way for politicians to address the more vexing and urgent challenges of socioeconomic integration.

The Tundra Tabloids has said this hundreds of times, if not for the sheer numbers of the adherents to the ideology of Islam, the West’s reaction towards the ideas of Islam and the actions of its members, would be entirely different today. They simply would not be tolerated. This is just yet another academic spinning tales to tickle the ears of those who refuse to accept, let alone hear, the truth about Islam.

No matter how loud the Muslims shout out their message of tyranny, nor how many times those of us in the anti-Islamization movement point out its sordid history and ideological foundations, the willfully duped will continue believing their fantasies about Islam, because, such is the mindset of the utopians. KGS


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  1. Not necessarily deluded; the guy is in the bag. When you check him out you will find that he is close buddies with Tariq Ramadan and gets invitations from Islamic countries to do “research” etc.

    They have him by the short and curlies, like so many others…..

    Just remember Scott Ritter…..(???) Remember?

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