The TT posted on this “naked warrior” last November of 2011, who was all drugged up on a train trying to stick his “thing” into the mouths of passengers. He finally got sentenced, 1 year and 10 months for attempted rape and he has to pay the woman $4,600 in restitution. I think that he got off light, what say you? KGS

Man gets prison after naked train sex attack

Published: 7 Jan 12 12:01 CET |

A 30-year-old man from western Sweden has been sentenced to prison after he stripped down naked and assaulted passengers on a train in November, while under the influence of drugs. 

The incident occurred in November on a train between Gothenburg to Örebro in central Sweden.According to police, the man smoked marijuana somewhere along the journey, after which he began behaving erratically.After threatening an assaulting a conductor, the man removed all his clothes and began roaming through the train asking people if they wanted to have sex with him.

One woman, who told the man to put his clothes back on, received several kicks to the stomach by the raving man, according to newspaper Skövde Nyheter.

Eventually, the pot-fuelled perpetrator tried to force another woman to perform oral sex on him.

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  1. No mention who the man is and where he hails from apart from “Sweden”. Could he be a follower of da MAN.

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