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  1. With “Asians” actually meaning Muslims, as most taxi drivers are Pakistanis, are engaged in pimping and rape, it is not surprising that people will want a non-Muslim taxi driver.

  2. This incident as well as other clearly demonstrates how mass decades of immigration from another culture has eroded the fabric of society in the UK. Let’s face it the UK governments’ policy and Political Correctness (a form of Marxism) are the guilty parties here. This woman had the nerve to say what the majority of British folk think and feel but fear to say in public, due to fear of being branded as racist, or xenophobic, or worse face legal or civil charges.

  3. Not for nothin’, but I know in NY anyone below age 16 cannot ride unaccompanied by an adult in a cab. I’m assuming there are similar laws in other states. What was she thinking to put her child in a cab anyway? Just because she requested a non-Asian(the race issue aside), there was no guarantee that the cab company could fullfill that and not make a change anyway, for lots of reasons.

    Her la -de-da attitude toward her child got her fired. She knew how it would look.

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