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The incoherent ramblings a man that’s come to symbolize Hollywood, that being, purely daft Leftism. Here’s a portion from Breitbart:

Robert Redford:For years and years and years, you’ve all experienced what we had to live with, the fact that other countries are far more supportive of their artists than we are. But when you have congressional narrow-minded people, people who are afraid of change when change is the only thing that succeeds, the only thing we know is going to happen is that things are going to change.”

What in the world is he trying to say here? It’s an incoherent thought that hinges on the abstract notion that all change is good, when it’s been historically proven not to be the case. Here’s an example:

The US ‘Rebellion’ (or Revolution) against the King of England resulted in a magnificent document and country being born, with a country founded upon individual liberty, personal property rights and capitalism. The French Revolution however, began a reign of terror and despotism that lasted for decades, in which ruling thugs mass murdered a whole section of society to produce an egalitarian utopia. It became the model for future violent/ruthless revolutions since that time.

Not all change is ‘good change’ Mr.Redford, especially when it’s being ushered in by a gang of totalitarian utopians. Barack Obama promised a ‘fundamental change’ in US society, something that the framers of the constitution never envisioned, in fact, strove to protect against from ever happening by tightly fitting the three branches of government into a secure box (the US Constitution) to safeguard against a potential tyranny of the majority.

Big statist “thinkers’ like Robert Redford, can never square their thinking with the type of government that the founders and framers of the United States set up in the late 1700’s, they’re always conniving and scheming to circumvent the constitution that they despise, so that’s why Redford solidly agrees with Barack Obama’s ‘change’, for it’s solely for the act of change itself, with little care for the actual outcome.

Utopians can never be expected to detail just exactly how their utopia is going to pan out, instead they implore you to just cast your gaze upon the next horizon “for there’s a new dawn ahead, and it promises to be a sunny one.” What they don’t tell you is that is comes at the expense of your liberty, while the promised utopia never materializes, because it can’t.

So, emptying out someone’s pockets to pay for someone else’s acting career is a ‘good move‘ for people like Robert Redford. Stealing wealth from one and giving it to another isn’t an act of theft for the statist, no, it’s a bold political move of ‘change’, in the misguided attempt to supposedly level the playing field. In the end, however, it only favors those who the state (the group of elites that manage to cling to power) deems to be the winners in society, and the losers be damned. KGS

Here’s a video of Redford with more of his nonsensical and dangerous thinking.

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