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George Galloway hardest hit.

Iranian state-controlled Press TV taken off UK air following HJS editorial in the Times

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Today it was announced that Press TV, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Iranian regime, had its Ofcom license revoked owning to multiple violations of the broadcasting code. In 2009, the station aired an “interview” that was in fact a prison interrogation of a Newsweek journalist arrested for chronicling the Green Revolution. In December, Henry Jackson Society Research Fellow Houriya Ahmed called for the shuttering of Press TV after a regime-sponsored mob sacked the British embassy in Tehran:

Closing down the Iranian Embassy in London is not forceful enough. After the storming of the British Embassy in Tehran by a mob of petrol-bomb-hurling hardliners, the British Government was right to move beyond impotent expressions of “outrage” and demand that Iran’s embassy staff leave the UK within 48 hours.But Britain can do more in the face of what looks like officially orchestrated violence.

More here.

Here’s Galloway slobbering all over Dinnerjacket on PressTV, then denying it:

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    F’n Finally. Now they need to boot out Pravda Today.

    How on earth is it that Britain, of all places, can show more common sense about foreign propoganda than America?

    BTW – Not for nothing but considering Britains general ultra libralism- this can only mean that Britain is %100 intent upon real military action against Iran. And it’s not a coincedence that we just happen to be freeing our troops from Iraq and Afganistan. Combine that with the step up of Iranian propoganda all over the internet that we have all seen first hand (does the name Bogiman ring a bell?) and it looks like it’s really gonna happen folks. And soon.

    So say your goodbyes to to your favorite trolls while you can. It looks like some their carreers are about to take a nosedive. I just hope they aren’t in the propoganda ministry on the day our local allies show up as the surgeon general of Libya says bayonets up the tush can be bad for your health.

    PS say hello to the lynchmob for us Frank.

    1. Hi Truthiocity, it’s great that PressTV is gone. Now if only we could ship Galloway off to Tehran for good.

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