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Most Finns, in spite of the intense brainwashing tried by the Left-wing academy, appreciate the history of Israel’s successes against such overwhelming odds. They can relate to it, because of Finland’s own battles against the much larger Soviet Union during WWII, where the very existence of the Finnish state hung in the balance.

So there is no doubt in my mind that Finland’s Air Force Cheif, Lt. Gen. Jarmo Lindberg, is very pleased to visit with his counterparts in Israel. This is an excellent development. KGS

H/T: Daniel B.

Finnish Air Force chief visits Israel

Finnish Air Force commander visits Israel for the first time, touring the Ramat David airbase

15:10 GMT, January 19, 2012 Lt. Gen. Jarmo Lindberg, commander of the Finnish Air Force, arrived this week with a delegation from his country to visit the Ramat David airbase. This marked the first time a Finnish Air Force chief visited Israel.

Delegation members were given a detailed briefing on the base and its operations. Later, Lt. Gen. Lindberg donned green IAF flight overalls and joined a pilot from the base for a flight in an F-16.

“This visit is very important to us,” said Ramat David base commander, Col. Nir. “This is an opportunity to establish cooperation with a friendly country.”

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  1. Is there something going on behind the scenes?

    This reminds me when Labour was elected to power in NZ. As Labour was antinuclear, they stated they would not allow any US naval vessels to NZ unless they were non-nuclear. The upshot, all security agreements between the US and NZ were suspended.

    Then, quite by chance, I came across small item that the NZ version of MI6 was still quite happily in bed with its US counterpart.

    When it comes to security, nothing is what it appears to be.

  2. It was nice of Gen. Lindberg to refer to Israel as “a friendly country”.

    The picture of Gen. Lindberg that you provided shows him in front of a United States Air Force (USAF) plane of some kind.

  3. Is the Finnish govt. as anti-Israel as Norway? Israel should be careful. They should treat Norway as an enemy and be weary of Finland too. The Scandinavian countries are the “Dhimmi Carters” of nation-states.

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