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Big government salivates over getting control, just keep that picture in the back of your mind. KGS

Chinadroll: So now people on Facebook and other places are saying “Awwww, what’s the big deal? Shouldn’t our intellectual property rights be protected?”

Of course they should, and there are laws already in place for that. But this PIPA and SOPA thing is not about protecting your intellectual property rights. Do you really think Big Government gives a shit if your book is stolen by a Chinese publishing company and pirated there?

No, something much more sinister is at play here. It’s about government itching to regulate, control and put its slimy fingers in the last free and unregulated space on earth: The Internet.

In my book Don’t joke On The stairs I argue that one of the driving forces behind China’s relentless quest for world domination is a deep hatred for the USA while at the same time admiring the country and needing to emulate it in every way. China’s blueprint for infrastructure is visions of 1950′s cartoon The Jetsons, with large highways criss-crossing a landscape devoid of trees and other signs of nature, where people whizz to and from their work and living capsules in little cars while satellites circle overhead.

Now it seems that it’s the US (Congress) that wants to emulate China, with that country’s semi-hard and ever-tightening control of the internet. This is all about controlling what you can and cannot see and read, not about protecting your rights which you already have.

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