Janne Kristiansen, head of Norway’s police intelligence unit, was forced to resign for saying radical Islam is biggest threat to Norway’s security. The Tundra Tabloids just reported it two days ago that she came out and admitted that, in spite of Brievik, radical Islam is still the biggest threat in Norway. For the powers that be, it was the last straw. KGS 

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Janne Kristiansen’s departure – a sad day for Norway

Document.No: PST Manager Janne Kristiansen was forced to resign last night.  this is not a demonstration that the system works, despite what André Oktay Dahl (H), Kjell Syvertsen (KRF), Siv Jensen (FRP), Magnus Takvam (NRK), Magne Lero (editor of the magazine Management) had to say. On the contrary, it shows that the system isn’t able to look at itself objectively but instead goes looking for scapegoats.

This isn’t exactly anything new in Norwegian history. But to exchange insight and self-realisation for hunting down scapegoats is certainly a sign of weakness. A massive consensus now agrees that Kristiansen brought herself down.  She revealed secrets during the hearings in Parliament on Wednesday: That Inland Security have agents in Pakistan. This is not surprising information and neither is it compromising. Isn’t it natural to assume that there might be enemies inside Security or other internal forces that brought her down? Isn’t it remarkable that the press doesn’t ask such questions at all?

Perhaps they will find that Norwegian officials are unable to read the situation in their own country. Are they then able to maintain the country’s security?

More here at Document.No in Norwegian

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  1. This is unbelievable ignorance and willful blindness by the ruling elite. So true is the saying “none is so blind then he who will not see”. Janne now you are out of a job I hope you are able to use your skills to help counter this idiocity before we lose the West for good.

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