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Once again, the lamestream media uses coded language for Muslim males. ‘Asians’. If I were Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Philippino etc., I would be very angry…..and ‘offended’. KGS

H/T: Scottish Infidel:What it doesn’t say is that Pollockshields is a Muslim enclave and this happened round the corner from where Kriss Donald was kidnapped and murdered in 2004 by Muslims.”

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  1. The area of Glasgow where mr Mckean met his unfortunate end is Glasgow’s principal Muslim area, or enclave as stated previously, though not its only Islamic area, this area was the scene of the brutal murder of 15 year old Kriss Donald in 2004, Kriss was abducted by 5 Pakistani Muslim men, who bundled the slight 15 year old boy into a stolen Mercedes benz car and kidnapped him for several hours, during the abduction Kriss had lit cigarettes stubbed out on his body, was given a severe beating, was stabbed, had his tongue cut out by these brutes and then was taken to a peice of wasteground in South east Glasgow, where he was set on fire whilst still alive, of course the boy died. The brutes were caught, and have received long sentences, but the whole case received the minimum of media coverage in Scotland and hardly any U.K wide or Globally, yet we still dont hear the end of any black or asian person when they get murdered by whites.

    1. Thank you Andrew for adding this. The whole story is never reported to the public, that’s why the blogs are of such importance. Much appreciated for shedding more light on this.

  2. The fact that mr Mckeany’s girlfreind witnessed the perpatrators identities has forced the hand of the police to disclose the ethnicity of these persons, otherwise we would never have had any indication as to who murdered this man, apparentley mr Mckeany was having problems with the many gangs of feral paksitani muslim youth that frequent the area, it was reported that they had damaged Mr mckeany’s car on a number of occasions. For those of you unfamiliar with Glasgow and its environs, Polloksheilds is the principal area of Islamic settlement in the city, and is next to another area of high muslim population called Govanhill, Govanhill is the most crime ridden and violent area in all of the divisions in the Strathclyde policing areas within Glasgow, considering thae fact that Glasgow tops the ratings for murder and violence per capita UK wide, Europe wide and even world wide this is worth looking into as the raditional area in Glasgow for most crime is in the cenral areaa surrounding the city centre and in the East end of the city. Glasgow airport is miles to the south west of the city centre in Paisley, and was the scene of the attmpted terror attack by two muslim doctors in June 2007, when they rammed a Chrysler Cherokee jeep into the main departure lounge of Glasgow airport, the jeep was laden with large gas canisters and their obvious intentions were to kill as many “INFIDELS?” as they could possibly take down. These men were of course unsuccesfull intheir attempted attack and did a good job in barbecuing themselves but only after wrecking the entrance to the airport with their jeep, a baggage handler kicked one of the enrichers in the groin whilst he was on fire.

  3. Info like this is what we need. I’m sick of the spineless MSM, especially the once honourable BBC. I obtain most of my news now from other sources and only rely on the MSM for an overview, that is when they even bother to do that, as they often miss out some stories altogether.

  4. No doubt the perpatrators of this latest racist murder are being protected by the Islamic community in Glasgow with its conspiracy of silence, & will somehow as if by magic end up in some rural part of Pakistan, where they will get of Scot free, whilst an innocent man has lost life, the murderers of young Kriss Donald absconded to Pakistan, and were only brought to book when Strathclyde police made a determined effort to find these men for the sake of peace within the communities of Glasgow between the Islamic population and the rest of the majority non muslim people in Glasgow who make up the majority for now?

  5. I have great pity for the Police services in Glasgow, who are excellent at their job, but have their hands tied behind their backs due to the manacles of political correctness. The Western European and American governments need to take a firmer line with Islam and stop treating these people with kid gloves, as this furthers most of this group of peoples contempt for us.

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