Anti-sharia Muslim distorupters of speeches Muslim Intimidation



Expect more of this as they become more emboldened.

A fundamentalist Muslim interrupts a meeting where activists and concerned citizens are discussing anti-Sharia material and human rights, and causes it to shut down. This is a real serious step towards confrontation, and I hope that the police and politicians are taking this seriously. KGS

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  1. Are they really such wimps that they would cancel a conference because some dumb ass walked in and threatened them. Years ago at Boston University I walked into an meeting of the Muslim Student Association, which was full of muslim students, and told off a sheik who was and making anti-Christian and anti-semetic remarks. This was not until after politely listening to the anti-christian and anti-semetic remarks for almost an hour and his presentation was over. I insulted islam and muhammad and not one person physically attacked me. I did not try to deny him free speech, but if there is one thing I learned is that you have to stand up to people like that. The absolutely worst thing the National Secular Society could have done is to have canceled the event. If they truly are worried about such people then in the future they need to hire security to detain people like that, but they should not cancel the event. They should have called his bluff.

    1. Thank you Kirk, you offer a very salient point. I did the same to the OIC’s Sec-Gen Ihsanoglu in Helsinki 2008, albeit, it was in a very mixed forum but there were plenty of Muslims in the audience. One thing though worth remembering, the break down of society, and the limitations ( and to some extent the unwillingness) of the UK police to protect its citizens and pandering to the Muslims. The US is still not Europe (yet), and it shows in the success of a lone man shutting down an entire venue.

  2. Dear KGS, thank you for your courage. Since this is in the UK, and you already have your excellent group “Mosquebusters” established, I was wondering if this new “extreme approach” would fit into a new “Buster” division. Perhaps a para-legal and a camera operator would attend “Free Speech” assemblies to be on hand to have “just cause” to prosecute individuals who take it upon themselves to shut down events.
    I’m sure there is more to it than this, but any first step might be welcome.

    1. well DB523, it’s an excellent suggestion. I’ll discuss it with others in the group.

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