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By ‘hook or by crook’ these EU statists will get what they want, just think of the 60’s thriller series, The Prisoner, and exchange information for ….Your Liberty.

The EU was intended (at least promoted as such) to be a loose confederation of European states in an economic union, that worked together to promote EU business and financial institutions. It can no longer be claimed as such, as the big statists have unleashed their heavy guns and came out blasting during the EU constitution ratification process.

They rejected every outbreak of the people’s will in multiple referendums, skirting one after the other to arrange yet more votes (with massive propaganda campaigns) until the people finally ‘got their minds right’. They use every trick up their sleeves to twist and turn the language of their almost unreadable documents to gerrymander their own agenda through.

The EU consists of (unrepentant Communists and ‘former’ National Socialists’, and every kind of statist imaginable. They are a highly immoral cult of politicians badgering, intimidating and subverting the will of the people as they continuously rob from them what  liberty they have left. This is just one more example in a very long line of many, how they twist their own rules, in no longer adhering to the unanimous rule, opting rather for a smaller majority, until the rest…..finally get-their-minds-right. Sound familiar?

New treaty in force when 9 countries have ratified

16.12.11 @ 18:19


BRUSSELS – The first draft of a new treaty meant to tighten economic governance in eurozone countries was circulated Friday (16 December) with the aim to have the text finalised by January and coming into force once nine countries have ratified it.

The ratification threshold would allow the treaty to go into place even if some euro states – such as Ireland which may have to hold a referendum – are having problems getting domestic approval.

A euro country that rejected the treaty after it had already come into place will not be bound by it.

“If you go into the political aspect, I don’t think it will be a very comfortable situation,” said one EU official dealing with the issue.

Non-euro countries, who agree to sign up to the treaty, will be bound by the agreement as soon as they take on the single currency, but can put in place some of the details immediately.

Containing just 14 articles, the text obliges those that have ratified it to introduce into their constitutions a balanced-budget rule. The treaty also says that those countries that are in excessive deficit will have to submit “economic partnership plans” to the commission and council.

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  1. The television series “The Prisoner” terrified me as a very young child. Though I haven’t watched any of the episodes recently, I’m certain there are ample number of video clips which can illustrate today’s political climate. Just from the selection of related videos at the end of the clip in this thread, there is the #6 speech clip which illustrates how the legal system silences dissent when the main stream fails at shouting it down.

  2. Even here in the USA with our freedoms and liberty are being taken away from us a slice at a time. All of the hysteria after the 911 terrorist murders was IMHO used as a means to ‘protect’ us. Many of our Constitutional rights have been trampled and trashed allegedly for our own good and protection. I fear a coming ‘police state’. Are we really free or just being told so?

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